Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hire Magento Programmer For E-commerce Development Solutions

Magneto open source ecommerce web application is built using zend application. India has been outsourcing hub for years because of its rich resources whether it is manpower or infrastructure. With advent of mobile and popularity of mobile technologies, mobile users have increased manifolds compared to desktop users. So, people and businesses cannot keep away from the outgrowth of the technology. Open Source technology that has become more popular among all class of users and enterprises of all size because of its openess has a roadmap to sure growth. With websites upsurging every day and online business rising in multiples creating and managing websites is no more simple but challanging.

Today, businesses are facing lots of challanges with their dynamic websites, where thousands of products are added and upgraded on daily basis. Open source technology like Magento is a boon in the ecommerce industry.

Hiring a magento programmer with Open Source Development has many benefits as the company strive to provide the best web service you could possibly have. Get the most out of ecommerce side of a business as our Magento experts are well trained to take each client requirements uniquely with different solutions.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

CMS For Ecommerce Website Development

Open Source Development since its inception in year 2000 has grown manifolds and remains at the forefront of IT and Web Development industry using latest web development tools and technologies. Web developers, coders, web programmers, open source consultants all are experts in their work and they find solution to every problem, delivering best-fit custom solutions to their clients globally across wide range of industry.

Where online shopping has become way of life, every product needs online presence not only to reach global market but to reach at faster pace. Now comes the question of security for both the seller and buyer. SECURITY remains the topmost question and you need to find answer; before a seller proceeds with development of ecommerce website for selling products and for seller how is going to make purchase online, make transaction through your website.

I would like to share few Content Management System which can help you to reduce your programming effort for developing e-commerce projects:

Magento has been my all time favorite ecommerce platform for e-commerce website because of its modular architecture and flexibility. Ultimate one, Drupal ecommerce module would let you develop your online store free of cost, as Drupal CMS is open source its immense flexibility cannot be denied and easy integration with Paypal, eWAY, Authorize.net, etc makes Drupal complete ecommerce solution option for online storefront developers. Available under the GNU General Public License osCommerce features rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved. Another useful ecommerce solution VirtueMart component available with Joomla and Mambo is used for delivering ecommerce solutions and robust applications to clients to easily manage storefront. Open source free shopping cart software Zen-Cart (branches from osCommerce) is used for online store management that would put your business online and let you accept payments securely.

Yocto CMS

I am coming posts I would like to talk about different interesting Content Management Systems (CMS) available. Hey! have you worked with Yocto CMS it is smallest CMS available today, but it is worth using and do not under estimate. Available in two versions v1 and v2, v1 contains all files needed for CMS and v2 contains the installer that can get for you latest version from Internet. Most interesting you need not have to store anything in database, no admin panel is there and all data are stored in flat files. URLs are search engines friendly and is written in PHP.

Other small CMS are: CMS Mini, Nanomus - these CMS do not use database and use flat files to store data. If you are looking for a small website you can use these and remain care free.
If anyone of you have something to share about Yocto CMS you can post as comment.

Friday, January 6, 2012

PHP Developer in India creates Simple Clean Website Using PHP

Dedicated PHP web developer in India are involved in PHP development services that is developing websites using server side scripting language PHP. Whether it is static website or dynamic website, data driven website for e-commerce business PHP can do wonders. PHP code is embedded in the HTML source code and the source code is compiled on-the-fly.

PHP acts as an interpreter and can be deployed on most of the web servers, operating systems and platforms. There are several benefits of PHP over other languages: most important is it is open source so no tension of license and developers are free to use in their own way. PHP can run on Windows server but is best suited for Linux and Apache as the upfront and ongoing cost is zero which otherwise would be very high in Windows servers. Migration from other language to PHP is easy and does not cost much. Rasmus Lerdorf who developed PHP has really done a great job! You can find free tutorials online, PHP is easy to learn.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Offshore Outsourcing PHP

Outsourcing PHP to a leading custom web application development company that too in India would be an added advantage if you want to focus on core activities of your business and get most out from your web development services.

Are you looking for web application development at reduced time and cost?? Open Source Development can help you set up your offshore development center in India with promising resource pool, best infrastructure that would help deliver high end web development solutions on time, quality and time is never compromised.

You can also outsource your custom web application development needs to us and we would revert back with a custom web solutions based on your requirements.

You can Hire Indian developers, Indian programmers - dedicated web developer, software developers and iphone mobile application developer on monthly / hourly contract. We are leaders in offshore IT outsourcing services and provide turnkey custom web PHP solutions.

Virtualization Kills Traditional Outsourcing Model

Offshore Outsourcing or Offshoring has been buzzword in the Indian IT industry but the trend is changing in year 2011, why and how??? With companies ready to invest their technology budget in strategic projects and are moving up the value chain this is threatening the traditional outsourcing model. It is not just control over the projects and cost benefits but high quality, cheap and best huge work force, better infrastructure compared to other countries has generated lots and lots of job opportunities in India.

"We consider the U.S. to be the hub of innovation and have recognized that there is enough talent here that can bring tremendous advantages to our existing skill set," HCL America president Shami Khorana said in an email to InformationWeek.

Global staffing would increase to grab the best at minimal investment and timeline remains the bottomline. Change in outsourcing model would effect India and India needs to think for cloud computing for secure growing India. For offshore outsourcing projects free feel to contact Open Source Development.

Custom PHP Web Application Development on LAMP

LAMP is a software bundle and acronym for Linux (operating system), Apache HTTP Server, MySQL (database software) and Perl/PHP/Python, that would lead to creation of a web server. At Open Source Development a proven application framework/ MVC framework is available like Zend framework, cakePHP for rapid application development.

At Open source off-the-shelf applications and custom web solutions are available, these include CMS solutions like Joomla, Magento, Drupal that has reduced the operational cost and has simplified web development because several interactive features and management functionality. Template engines that we use are Smarty and PHP.

From our pool of talented web professionals you can hire dedicated developer for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs), business that need access to exceptional talent while minimizing risk and operating cost.

With years of experience in custom application development, open Source Development can develop custom web solutions for your business that can give you a competitive edge, improve your bottom line, and significantly reduce your IT costs. We are custom web development company and hiring php web developers / programmers would be find the best fit solution to tailor individual business needs. Our web developers and software programmers provide you the exact customized application and solution that suits your requirement most.